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Как добраться?

Planing a mining harbor needs to start with weather forecasts and the study of the climatic features of the terrain. The mountains of the Caucasus are not uniform in this regard. The air temperature in the plain is generally more than 20 degrees over the summer, and the climate of the mountainous areas (800 metres and above) is much colder.

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For example, in June, if your route lies in the area of two kilometers of height, you'll probably meet the snow areas, you'll blow a cold wind. The temperature will fall to zero at night and the risk of burning in an active summer sun is high. However, high humidity persists throughout the season in the mountains of the Caucasus.

However, it is the summer that is considered the best time to go on the Caucasus Mountains. As soon as you're clear on the route, start packing the suitcase. If you choose a recreational route, let's say you want to meet Karachaevo-Cherkesia's hot springs and see the western slopes of Elbrous, you can limit yourself to a normal summer wardrobe. Take only a couple of warm things and a comfortable closed shoes. If you decide to cross over three kilometers, then prepare to change a few climatic belts. In this case, you're going to have to reserve a full-fledged trailer.

General rules

When collecting a track cardboard, remember the general rules. It's not worth buying in fashion stores, it's not gonna be necessary for the walks and the stuff you're supposed to give. Go to the sports store and look for functional, comfortable and beautiful things that will have the necessary qualities for a mountain journey: push the moist, quickly dry and warm.

Rule No. 1. The warmer the better.

When you go to the mountains even in the middle of the summer, you must take warm things with you. It's not just a jacket or a coffet. You're gonna need a thermobel and a hat and gloves.

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