Treking Is This

Trekin. What is this?
Дог-трекинг - это для Вас!

Traking history began in Nepal. The British Russian-born Odessith Boris Lisanevich opened Nepal for foreign mass tourism. And the basis for this is a tracking, a comfortable and accessible active rest in the mountains.

Treking - it's the pleasure and the rest of the journey, traveling to an unknown. It is an opportunity to see the nature and people of another country, as in the interior, without the red cord of mass tourism. Traking is democratic. Its routes by force for every naturally healthy person, without age limit. Any trailer can pass. Only someone needs a day to do it, and someone needs three.


During the light day, the group takes between 4 and 6 hours (depending on general physical training), taking into account the stops of appreciable and painting places. The speciality of the regime on the track is to return to the natural calendar: early recovery and early departure to the sleep. The recovery effect of such a regime usually occurs on the second to third day - people get calmer, they disappear, and the faces get a genuine, blissful smile. On the route, the first porters usually go with the things, they move faster than anyone, then the group's hyd-leader. Each of the trainers tends to have their comfortable speed and the group is stretched very hard on the trope. It's the second hyd. If the group is about the same physical form, there's enough Hyde-Lider. In the morning, the intermediary points of the general snack and rest are specified before the exit. You can walk on a track alone or a couple. In the mood. This is usually done by those who have already experienced training.


Porter is a porter. The most common profession in mountain Nepal. The Sherpas are a nation, there is a people in the northeast of the Himalayas. In Nepal, they also work as coppers. To get a foreigner to practice is a great fortune for a porker. Generally, the remuneration includes food and night. There are special rooms reserved for porters by the owners at night. The porters are always alone, their company.

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