International Academy Of Mountain Tourism

Over 10 per cent of all tourists in the northern Caucasus received archaz and albrus in 2015
Нижне-Архызское городище

Such indicators indicate that the marketing strategy for family recreation is justified.

In 2015, more than 3 million visitors travelled to the North Caucasus, and about 10 per cent of visitors from the total tourist flow received the All-Season Tour and Recreational Arkhaz complex in Karachaevo-Cherkesia and the All-Season Touros Recreational Complex in Cabardino-Balkaria under the control of the North Caucasus. In only two years since the opening of the Arkhaz round, the winter period has risen from 35,000 in the first season to 130, more than 3.55 times. About this at the Marquetting and Marketing Conference Russian tours♪ The project manager of the Department of Kurorship Management, Alexei Yeline, presented the popularization of mining recreation. The Conference was held in Moscow on 20 May under the exhibition " Open your Russia " .

" Some of the growth rates at a time when the majority of resorts in a crisis have remained at the same level, suggest that a marketing strategy for family recreation was justified, adding that the dynamics of the development of all-season complexes under the management of AO " KCS " allows for a positive prediction of the increase in the share of North Caucasus resorts in the overall tourist flow in the region. “We understand who our client is and where he comes from. Visitors like modern infrastructure, high level of safety on tracks and quality of services. This is what distinguishes us from many other resorts, and it is the determinants of turpot growth and the high satisfaction of visitors and their return to the Arkhaz. Much has been done to improve the comfort of visitors: the Territory is well-established, the service centres have been set up, the only company operating for rental and trainers has been working, parking has been expanded, and the payment and check system is being upgraded. All these are significant investments, without which modern resort cannot be built, and which ultimately affect the increase in proceeds. Social projects are being implemented with the participation of resident companies: " Dreamers " , " Third Lecture of Physiculture " , free scoops for 10 years " , clarifying Alexei Yeline.

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