How To Pick A Tune When You Walk Into The Mountains

How right to run

It doesn't matter. Which part of the foot you landOh, it's important how much landing point delivered to your center of gravity

Researchers generally say that landing on the middle of the staircase is the best amortizing of land impacts. But people's tech is different: there's a landing on the spot and running on their noses. And everybody's doing good.

It's not even that part of the foot you land on, it's important that the point of landing be taken at your centre of gravity, whether it's exactly under it or ahead of it. If you run small scales, the center of your body's mass and the point of impact coincide, and you'll just not be able to slap your legs hard, even if you land on the heel.

To run fast and efficiently, you have to run with the right running nut. Keep your shoulders straight, your hands stained in the elbows at 45 degrees. Make your hands relaxed when you move and not cross the imaginary vertical line that passes through the centre of your body. This will make it possible to move the chest as widely as possible, help to breathe better and strike a balance when moving.

A little lean forward, but don't bend your back. Imagine the steak to the stain. Keep this imaginary stereo around the surface of the earth without turning the pelvis joint. The force of gravity will help coordinate the movements of the whole body in an optimal manner. Remember, running is a constant fall under strict control.

Useful exercises

Legs can help in moving, but the greatest force is the muscles of the stomach and back. For the muscles of the back, it's a good traction on the trainer and work on a tube simulating the ridge. If you do yoga, concentrate on asan for back flexibility, for example, on the saranchi, the Mosta and the boats.

For the press, do exercises that will help stabilize the tazobed joint while running. The use of the Planka is the best and most effective way to reinforce the press. In order to exercise the " direct plan " , lay on the carpet face downwards, then put your hands in the elbows at 90 degrees and move to the top of the legs, with the body forming a straight line from the maize to the stain. Do the same on the side plan, using one elbow and one leg. These simple exercises can be complicated by adding legs, hands or feet or hands on a disk or air pillow.

However, for the runners, any asan that reinforces the muscles of the hull is useful. The pilates are also useful. This makes it more effective.

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