Extreme Tourism

Extreme tourism (active rest)
горнолыжный туризм

Дайвинг1. Water-based extreme tourism:
(Diving) - in English translation means navigation, underwater immersion in special equipment.
Veikbording is a combination of water skis, snoo-board, skate and surf. The boat is towing a raider on a short, wide board. Moving at a speed of 30-40 km/h with additional ballast on board, the boat leaves a wave that the raider uses as a tramplin. There's a lot of different tricks in the jump.
Water skis are one of the most famous species.
Windserfing - it's an oval dose of carbonace with a sustenance surface and with smelters on the lower plane, and a small sail attached to the board. Serfing is the same without sailing. In fact, Windserfing came from the surf.Красное море, Египет With a good wind, speeds of more than 10 to 12 m/s can be developed. Now the record is over 70 km/h.
Kayaking is a very popular foreign country and is gaining a growing popularity in Russia. This single sport, although deprived of command spirit, offers an opportunity to challenge the poem and stay alone with her.
In modern kayaking, there are three main directions, namely, the fucking shell, the rodeo and alloys.
Blunt kayaking is manoeuvre on the kayac, feeling the boat and water.
Rodeo, unlike saliva, is not just a virtuoso technique, but also an element of the game. Fristail on the kayaca is doing a lot of stunts on the boat with the characteristics of the river.
And finally weep. On the bay, we can go to the waterway on the river of any difficulty, or play alloys on a small portion of the mountain river, selecting certain obstacles in the form of barrels, vaals and waterfalls and passing them on. Naturally, in order to feel confident during alloys, it is necessary to have basic equipment for saliva and rodeo.
Equipment. The kayaker ' s equipping consists of: boat, helmet, life jacket, skirt (preventing water into the boat), cut slippers and spring.

Rafting - it's a fascinating down the mountain river on canoe or special rafts. Rafting is one of the most visited tours, perfectly safe even for the youngest tourists. In recent years, it has generated so much interest on the part of extremist recreationists that most of the people who are fit for it. tourism The rivers have been trained by professionals who are now offering a raft to virtually every point of the world.

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