Competitive Mining

горный туризм категории

(foto Andrea Lebedeva)

Alay valley area

Mountains! What's hidden under that name? Not many people ask the question before they decide to engage in mining. But there is no answer as such. Mountain tourism, it's the freedom of the soul, the beauty of nature, the possibility of forgetting everyday urban problems and annoying living. Imagine, you're at the height of someone's cross, and you're looking far from the clouds of mountain peaks. Silence. Down the valley, there's a river, it's warm, maybe even hot, and under your feet snow, white and clean. But sunlights don't let you freeze. And squeezing in your hands the most delicious chocolate stove in the world. Yeah, there's a lot of romance in mountain tourism, and everyone finds their strengths. In the mountains, a man acquires his essence, here as alive, in unity with nature, he may not harm her for the first time, but vice versa as the most reasonable creature on the planet. The nature of everyone here is obvious and you won't hide it. You don't lie in the mountains, but you don't lie to yourself.

On the way to the top


But... Tourism It's not just beauty, it's hard work. There's nothing in the mountains, the usual phenomenon. The broken wind, snowfall, temperature changes from +20 to -20 are very frequent. There's a whole set of obstacles and extreme situations. Must be the worst thing in the mountains. Many experienced tourists, climbers and entire groups died in this terrible poem, and the shops destroyed settlements! Height is also human, and height above 4,000 is a danger to life. With each category of complexity, the risk increases, but the pressure toward mountains also increases. Many people, when they contact mountain tourism, have experienced this burden for their lives.

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