Navigator Etrex 20 For Mining

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Про навигатор вы сможете найти

I've long wanted to purchase a portable GPS navigation device that could be dragged into long-term hike. Such navigationers mainly produce Garmin and are costly compared to conventional road navigation.

When I purchased a car navigation device, I compared different navigationers to Garmin and Navitel. Navitel, in my view, is better and faster than downloading and the quality of the maps themselves.

So, for two reasons, price and quality, I didn't buy a Garmin portable navigator. But for New Year's Day, I decided to go to New Year's. Song To Taganai, so I went back to the question of buying a portable GPS navigator.

There were only a few models in the Ufa shops, as usual, all Garmins were a few old and a new series of model 10, 20 and 30.

The Garmin eTrex series immediately looked, first, at the IPX7 water protection, secondly, at the two pallet batteries, with the manufacturer claiming that they would have enough for the continuous operation of the navigator within the day. And that's actually one of the main advantages, because you can take a few sets of standby batteries and walk away for a month. Additional bonuses are GLONASS and WAAS support, reducing error. There are different profiles, for example, for the geocashing.

I initially bought the cheapest model (about 5,000 roubles) Garmin eTrex 10. She's got a black and white screen, there's no way to insert a memory card, and the internal memory is a few megabytes. The manufacturer indicated that maps could not be downloaded, but only a built-in world vector map, where only large cities were identified. But the smart people have rectified this flaw, so it turns out they're uploading cards. To this end, a ready map of the specific area of the Garmin format should be downloaded to the inner memory of the navigator instead of a built gmapsupp.img.

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