Mountain Similars

The resort is perfect for everyone
пеший поход в горы

санатории сходницыRelict fist forests, mountain air, fitoncids, powerful Carpathian power, fast river Strait, Shojnicka, whole nature's gifts is the Shovenic resort in Lvov province. Only 20 kilometres from Truskawc, Dragobic, 100 kilometres from Lvova, and each will be in a fair leap of care and recreation.

This place will assess who's used to passive rest, who likes walking and gathering, as well as interested in the history of the place in which it is located. So vacation in the Gospel 2015 is a healing in the Sanatorium, the board, the SPA center, on the mountain Ferry, guided tours to the National Park of the Skoly Bexy, inspection of the architectural buildings of the past. And it's all in the atmosphere of silence, of heaven and of certain identities!

The resort sanatorium, or what, like and where they treat

Сходница курортThere's a lot of Dogs, sanatoria is his main asset. Schools available on the resort are general-therapeutic health facilities with a certain gradient. Here, everyone will be able not only to cope with the scourge, but also to prevent many diseases.

  • Dianna is a curative recreational facility in a treatment unit.
  • The sanatorium " Storage " is the elimination of kidney and urea diseases, FTC organs, gynaecological disturbances, etc.
  • The " Carpathians ' s " sanatorium is kidney treatment, the urea system, the CP, endocrine system, and the risk of termination.
  • The Sanatorium Measuring - Removal of FLC, Endocrine and Upper Spirit Diseases.

Go to the best sanatories of the Gospel: the prices of 2015, the level of service, the professionalism of doctors, and the possibilities of leisure will be a pleasure for everyone. The advantages of treating in the resort sanatories are the harmonious tandemean of classic medicine, advanced technologies and natural target factors in the form of mineral sources and climate.

сходница утром лес в сходнице
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