Mountain Shoes In The Fall

How to prepare for the fall: clothes and shoes
для несложных походов

Как подготовиться к походу осенью: одежда и обувьIn preparation for the falls Tourism instructor Maria Rusomahin (in photo).

So the contents of your backpack will depend on the duration of your journey. Travel can be divided into three categories:

  • One day, no sleep. This is the lightest kind of walk, but they should be prepared with the mind.
  • Day-of-a-day trips (LDCs) are usually one or two nights. Typically, the traveler in these walks is experiencing an average load. This is linked primarily to the bulb weight and the volume of the backpack and the stuff there (compared with one-day traffic).
  • Multi-day long journeys with long routes. It is sometimes impossible to interrupt such a journey suddenly because of weather conditions or for some other reason, so it is necessary to prepare for it with full seriousness and caution.

Clothing in the fall

Autumn is an unreliable time of the year, she loves rain, cold wind and night freezing. When you choose the clothes for a walk, you remember, you can always take off the extra one, but you can't wear what's left behind. Get dressed like you're sure it's gonna be a little colder than you said in the weather forecast (with reasonable limits, of course). The choice of suitable clothing now is a big deal. You can go to the market, to the gym store, or go to the Internet tour stores.

Одежда для осеннего походаThe main clothes of the traveler are the one where he passes his route. In the fall, these are pants and jackets. Its mission is to protect the tourist from cold, overheating, wind and other external factors. The " walk " should be convenient, uncomfortable and reliable. Avoid cotton and hair. These tissues absorb the moisture, thereby preventing normal thermoration. Modern synthetics will dry much faster.

The rightly chosen jacket won't let the tourist freeze or spill. The upper part of the body is dangerous both refrigeration and overheating, so I suggest you draw attention to the membrane jackets. The membrane is a special fabric that drives the moisture very well, which is almost immune, but does not prevent moisture from evaporation. Okay, the tourist will feel dry even in the wet weather. Membrane jackets and trousers are both warm for the year and warm for cold time. And a good membrane can replace a tourist with a normal rain.

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