Mountains Of The Lion Region

Light walk
Гора Пикуй

Borgive Ridge

The fighter is rightly considered one of the simplest routes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. His height is much lower than the neighbouring Marmaros and Black Sea Rids, and the paths are easier than those of the forested and cametic Gorgans. Warzhawa is a slope, grassy hills, and no swamps of the everywhere's bra (carpathetic brush). This way. Go on. Even with little kids, and it's a great opportunity to open Carpathians to themselves without getting out of tiredness.

I don't want to lose my vigilance, "Carpathic paradise" sometimes surprises.

There have been cases in which the weather changed sharply from presurgent to almost tropical. Or when the ridge tried to remind tourists that they were still in the mountains, the wind of the dolls with so much power that the strong guys had to crawl on their quarters, hiding behind the stones, and eventually they had to go back.

Traditionally, it starts from Volovec railway station. Most trains arrive in the morning, so many hotel owners have been able to make breakfast for past tourists. Typically, the choice is small: meat, potatoes, soup and salad. However, the food is delicious and rather cheap - last season, three beer meals went 50 Hrv.

The first point is Mount Tomnathick. To round, a little bit of the top shape, the locals call Mount Chitzka. Her top is crowned with the iron cross. It's easy to get up on the mountain, and we'll get a lemon and a regular one. Only during the rains can it be uncomfortable to go, and it can be largely because of the broken roadside trucks. But we're gonna have to move through the knights for a little while, climbing above the Volume of 200 yards, you're just gonna be climbing up on the forest trail. And if he's lucky with the season, he'll pick up a little man and a strawberry. The berries in this part of Karpat seem invisible: the tall Black Ridge closes Zakarpattier from the cold cyclones, and the climate is soft.

Up on the ridge and passing through a few hundred metres, you're going to go to the ruined marshmallows. It's a great place to sleep at night: you can go inside and break the camp inside the cheese shop, and you can just lay off the glasses around the bricks. Besides, there's a lot of firewood in the area, and there's a hammer with a pipe-wrapped stream where we can get clean water. The only disadvantage is that there may be too many sheep here who either wake you up in the morning with their blank, or even plant things on the brew.

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