Mining Empire

Детская Империя туризма
Благоустроенный II этажный корпус

Turbaza derimperios Turism

The Turbaza derimperia Turism is near the warm lake of Aya on the left bank of Katuni, right on the left behind the Aysk Bridge, before the turbose Éverium. Main season of . turbase from the end of May to the end of August.

The verimperia Turism base can be recommended for youth rest by big fun companies. There's gonna be noisy here for family rest. Prior to the entry into the turbage, there is a large wing dance where evening discotheques are regularly held, flowing smoothly to night.Горный Алтай : Базы на озере Ая : Туристический комплекс «Империя туризма» : Карта The whole season on the tourbs is marked by various rock festivals, rascals Piva and other well-organized recreational activities that gather recreation from numerous outskirts.

In order to live on the Émperia Turism turbine, two-bunk summer lodgers, well-built botttches and a well-built building are offered.

Some of the beds are one and a half, and there's a four-way opportunity. Under this arrangement, the third and fourth seats are considered additional and are twice as low. Apart from the Bungalow house on the turbine, there are a number of well-built double-deck cottages equipped with sanuses and cottages with partially favoured numbers. There's a kitchen area in two quotes of Triangle and Cedrov.

Горный Алтай : Базы на озере Ая : Туристический комплекс «Империя туризма» : В клубе ИмперияOn the first floor of the Triangular Boat, there are two rooms with double and one-span beds in each room, a plumbing in two rooms. On the second floor of the quote room with a double bed, a kitchen garnit, a shower sled.

In the cottage, Cedrowe, on both floors, rooms with two-way and one-stop beds, on the first floor of the е kitchen garments. In the . WC, cold-water sink. Blessed soul ые in the turbase.

Single rooms for recreational services in a well-built 2-stage building (all 14 numbers). In the rooms, one double or two single beds, table, chairs, tube, TV. There's a WC, a sink, a shower. In summer, the turbine is further broken into a tent town from a fixed tent house.

The Turism Empire offers a few choices for food management. Integrated three-dimensional meals in the cafeteria, in the cafeteria or in the tractor with the choice of the menu. In summer, many alternative feeding points can also be found in the Ai Bridge area.

At the dance floor (for tourists living on the Tourism Imperial), 2 bars, 2 baths, rope parks, rocks, basin ная 10x15 m, plumbs, beach on the coast of Katuni, storage cell, parking lot and free parking.

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