Mining Cats

Alpine cats
В сезоне 2016 Petzl выпускает

The Horizontal design of the cat frame PETZL ensures that the sole of the boot is as tight as possible to the cat to increase the sense of the relay and the accuracy of the movements. The number, length and location of dentals are calculated for optimal stability and resilience on ice, snow and rocks.

The PETZL steel used for the manufacture of cats was specially collected on its solid characteristics. The use of this high-quality steel makes the alpings as light as possible without losing strength.

FLEXLOCK and LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL are allowed to pick cats for use with any type of boot with ranch or no.

All cats of alpinist kits are anti-drophe ANTISNOW to prevent snow on cats.

Ledolaise and mext routes

These cats are for sports ledollar, druituling and mixt. They let athlete move on ice just like rocks. In this category, Petzl proposes alpine cats with one (DART) or two (DARTWIN) front teeth, as well as transformers (LYNX), with the possibility of replacing the front section.

Cats for alping and tourism

Cats for technical and classical alpingism and mountain tourism♪ All alpine cats are packed with anti-sublips ANTISNOW.

Cut off from production

Resign from mailing ”

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