Lagonaca Hill

Mountain tourism routes
Плато Лаго-Наки

2nd day route (spore) ___________

Tourism programme

Day 1: Victory village (base) - Fars River Canyon - Galkin rock (grounds, crows) - Kalinkin rock - seat
Day 2. The place of night - warm rocks - the monastery - the base


(Adults and older children are the route of faeces). Mismai village areas.

This route on the Kurjip Valley to the cave of Isichenko and on the inspection site, a total length of 5km (with a maximum set of 150 m and 3 hours) is one of the most accessible and remarkable in the outskirts of Mezmaya. It begins on the south side of the road bridge, on the right bank of the Kurjips River, near the forest.
From the Zavad Pole 100 metres up the forest road, which in the past linked Guam to the Lagonak mountain ranges. Most of the bridges have now come to a frustration, and the connection to Guam has been disrupted by powerful selves. On the road to the left until the buoyancy (700) and down to the tree. Moving across the bridge across the Kurjips River, stepping on the path that begins with a stone-throwed spring with large silver ions. The main water composition is hydrocarbonatnocoalcium; mineralization of about 400mg/litre. Next up on the river.
Seventy-mm from the spring, the path will lead to a little waterfall with a swimsuit called Shesmetromov, as it has a depth of six metres. The path is then stoned into a samish, where the age of individual plants is 2,000 years. Unfortunately, in the last summit, the poachers who use it forgery and for sale are brutally exterminated.
Five minutes later, we'll see the intermittent Sandikov waterfall, which runs through a big log. Ten more minutes from now, we're going to the waterfall from the hydro cave called in the memory of the Dnipropetrov cave singer Isichenko. It's only in the cave, in the hydrocostom, in the ice water in the scrub. It requires some spelological experience.
The path is further descended from the waterfall upwards and 15 minutes outwards, causing a scald coffin, deepening in the rock as a small cave. This place is designated as the Old Man Station. The thing is, archaeologists have been... ♪

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