Rocaco Hills

Thac - Zhent, 2-8 May 2014.
Виды с вершины г

Label: 1/1-102
Team Leader: Chemitehyin D.B.
+7 926 410-17-69

Complex category - 1 c.s.

Number of participants - 12

Continuity of route - 7 days

Limit length: 133 km (according to coefficient 1, 2)

Train filament

Moscow Krasnodar-(autobus)-Michop-(on UZah)- "Taiwan" (Sahraev merger) - The Princess Pole - the Big Thacha Ridge - to the Big Thac - Per. Fucking gates to West Ascheshbock (1A, 2486) (rad.) - Hr. East Acheshbok - Hr. Agiga - Hr. Sunduki - Hr. Bambaki - S. Nikitino - Hazavita (n/k, 1996) - Hr. Marcopidge is a feather. Smile (n/k? 2580) - Canyon p. Lev. Rocaco, S. Rocajo-(gasel)-Michop-(electric)- Tuapse-- Moscow

No change

Traffic schedule

DateDayTrain areaKmCoffeeRecruitmentEmissionsCHECK
30 April-2 MayMoscow - Krasnodar - Maykop - Tyvan.
2 May"Taiwan" (Sahraev merger) - Princess Polish6, 908, 289003:34
3 MayThe Prince's Pole is the Big Tach's Ridge in. Damn gate.15, 6018, 7211706:28
4 Mayin. West Ascheshbock (1A, 2486) (rad.) - Hr. East Ascheshboca - Hr. Agiga - Hr. One second.16, 3019, 56113012807:04
5 MayHp. Bambaki. Nikitino is the slopes of the Hatsavita mountain.20, 5024, 6077512506:12
6 Mayin. Hatsavita (n/k, 1996) - xr. Marcopidge20, 4024, 4814008256:32
7 MayPer. Smile (n/k? 2580) - Canyon p. Lev. Rocago19, 5023, 401,0007:08
8 MayA pawn. South Slon, c. Rocaco12, 114, 52759502:40
8-9 Mayc. Rocaco - Maykop - Taups
9 MayTaups
10-11 MayTuapse - Moscow
Total111, 30133, 566225
(7600 on version)
(7478 on version)

The idea of walking

First June is the right time to visit this painting area. Snow's gone, but the snowmen are still here. There's no water in the summer, she's all going to the cart.

Forests in the area are generally transparent, uninvasive, relatively small underground, free from roads. But there are slopes up to 40-45.

In the vicinity of the localities (Novoproland, Nikitino, Rocaco), many groups from the Krasnodar region, along the same route (and more often shorter) in 1-2 k.s. foot, sometimes in 1x. mountains. Long obstacles to 2x in the area are low, so it's gonna have to go off the logical path and go where the eyes look.

There is a very good OSM map in the area. All trails are either present on the ground, or they can reasonably pass through the lawn. The map can be downloaded in GPS vector.

Nearly the only logical route along Thacham is along the border of the Thachi River Reserve - Aceshbok - Agiga - Bambaki - Sunduki. It's beautiful. There are paths and roads down the valleys, and a lot of reforestation, but they're not very interesting to go.

From Nikitino to Laba, there are many options: either south through the Blymsky crossing or to walk away from the north on the Besques River. If you don't have time, you can go through Hasavit and Marcopid and go back to Little Lab to the conservator's Cordon.

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