Abkhaziya Hill

Light mountain studs on the sanctuary of the razor
Абхазия. Поход в горы и отдых

How to get

To Adler.
Or a plane to Adler (Sochi Airport), next on a route or aero-expression to the y/d of the station.
The trainer will meet on the first day of Adler's trip to the railway station until 12:00.

Moderator - Angela
We chose this trip because we used to move a little bit of water, and we didn't know that our impressions were above all expectations. The walk is very diverse and does not obscure: it includes many hours of walks on the grasses, forests and mountains with amazing species, and the possibility of buying into the cleaner streams, waterfalls and lakes, and the optical travel on horses, and radials with rocks and spelagicles at will. So, a full set of entertainment.

Less and Ollie's INSTRUCTORS were just above all praise. Lesha is an intimidated traveler who knows the locality better than Aboriginals and constantly offers options to the group. Ola is a great organizer, very kind and responsive (I don't know how she can make it together). Thank the KP for the excellent construction of all the processes.

PRACTICE MODELS: Temperature was comfortable in the day and night. No mosquitoes. The shoes need to be strong, but the high boots will be hard enough, pretty regular hard shoes. The recommended set didn't take only the money from mosquitoes, unprotected pants, and gamashi, but we were lucky with the weather (only one rain) and it was really unpredictable. You can have kids, if they're non-caprise, and not only young people can be allowed, if you walk around or walk 20 miles straight, so you'll be able to climb the mountains of 10 km. We used the track sticks on one person, so we didn't get too tired.

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