Higul Mountains

A bald hill in gigulysk

Day off Flying mountain In Gigulyevsk, it could be an alternative to resurrection on the Strel Mountain. The greatest view of the mountain lice (not to confuse the seamount of Samara) is little less than the species from the mountain of the Arrow. You'll see the Gigulyev GEC, the island of Telaschi, the peninsula of Copylovo and Tolyatti.

Get out of Samara to Gigulyevsk in three ways (detail here)
On the coast of Gigulyevska, it is possible to begin an excitement to the local utes Scalist (formerly Stalin), where the sculpture of Kozla, the symbol of Gigulyevska, has been installed.

From the top of the rocky cliff, the mountain path that leads to the top of the mountain mountain.
Recreation on the ice mountain will require both reasonable care and power. There's a 250-metre gap! On the road, you'll be on the cliff of the pets. It was Peter 1.

From here to the top. On the right, there's an entrance to a small cave.

It's a picture of the Zigulian mountains of the Lake Mountain.

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