The Way To The Mountain Of Soak

The steak, the dimitra valley, the bloody thumb, the mountain of soak, the new light
Высота горы Сокол над уровнем

Looking at Sokoll's mountain on the side of the Court, it reminds me of a bird that wings. We can only climb the mountain by the Spina. Sokola's breast is a monolithic hinged wall of interest only for rocks. By the way, according to them, there are three alpine routes on Sokole, and all the different degrees of complexity. Pedestrian routes to the top are also a few. We'll only talk about two of them.

The path to the mountain starts from the Sudc Highway - New Light. The narrow serpentine of the road passes by the Genuez fortress, the KSS of the Courtca, the guard of the New Light and, by making a steep battle to the foot of the mountain, arrives in the Dimitraki Valley. The road upwards begins on the radius of the road under the damn finger (the blend-shaped shape, similar to the stone finger, see the photo) and rises at a low and narrow distance, which is the main difficulty of the walk. If there was a possibility, it would be good to have a rope with 5 to 10 metres long. There's nothing to say to go on such a journey (as in the case of many others) without a comfortable sports shoes, an enterprise that is easily and risky.

When we climb down, we're on a viewing site, where the view of a small New York bay opens. The trail goes left and up, passes through the damn finger, and leads up the top edge of the mountain to the top. On the way, the Sons of Stankewich, which in Crimea can only be seen here and at Cape Aya. In addition to the sun, the vegetation is growing on the mountain: in general, the vegetation is scarce and small, so there is no “natural” protection against the sun. The road to the summit lasts no more than an hour, and it's convenient that the coast's panorama can be seen throughout the rise - the review is wonderful. From the top of the mountain (474 metres above sea level), a panorama of the entire south-eastern coast of Crimea opens from Ayu-Dag to Kara-Daga.

From the top of the path goes sharply down and left and leads to the New Light. The path is not well read, so keep the left edge (if you look at the Sokola back) of the rock gang and, if possible, avoid the moustaches, or you'll be in the " unprotected jungle " of the low-lying and glowed forest consisting of the grub and the merchant.

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