End-Outs On The Mountain Altai

Mountain altahu

Активные конные туры по АлтаюThe tourists and travellers in our regions are awaiting a variety of Altai tours, end-to-Altai tours, end-of-the-Altay routes and other active tourism and Altaye: Pedestrian hikes of varying complexity, horse-to-bottoms, alloys in Altaye on mountain rivers in rafts, catamarans and other alloys. Combined routes are particularly popular: conno-water, pedestrian-water, automobile, ethnographic, ethnic and other.

This year, the tourism company AltaiTurServis offers updates on the following:

  1. To the Beluhi subway (initial point of route - p. Tungur, Ust-Koxy district)
  2. Cuminsk Belki, Togus-Köl (nine lakes), Rebet Iolgo (the point of the beginning of the Che-Chucksch, P. Elanda, Chamal Roh)

Активные конные туры по АлтаюAttai final tours are a very common form of tourism in Altaye in many parts of the Republic of Altai, especially in the remote corners of Mount Altai, where there are places other than horses that are not possible, with sufficient equipment and a proviant. There are many wonderfully beautiful places on Altaye that cannot be accessed on a car. In such cases, tourists are offered active tour routes. The final tours in Altaye, the end tours in Altau are a very convenient way of travel: the cargo is bringing horses, and you're going to your top, looking around, enjoying the beauty of the mountains, lakes and waterfalls that meet in abundance on the many trails and routes of Altai.

Our conno-surface tours take place at low-lying corners of the altay mountains, unsuccessed trails, alpine bulbs, cedromatic stiffs, virgin nature. In your way, for a few days, your satellites will be the koni of the al-Tai, the mountains, which will be your faithful friends during the fascinating journey. The consignment shall be carried together with the group in the carcases (transport bags). The group along the conduit route is accompanied by a guide and a trainer of the AltaiTurServis Tour.

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