Mounting For Starters

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Походы в горы для начинающих

Friends, U.S. Polytechnic, I've been working for over five years and working with the Gorizont GPS, which is in Olginca (11 km from Newkhailov on the Tuapse road), which belongs to the SPBG
Students and I love to go to the mountains. I invite everyone to join!
If there's any questions, write in the car or call.
Friends, I invite you to the canyon of the Beschenk River in Tuapsin district. It's an adventure all day! The scrupulously scrubbed has its blue waters in the Beshenka River, few who can resist the temptation to bathe in a refreshing flow! After taking the tour, there's a bath, and cooling the dust after the ferry can be in a specially made bathing cup along the river.

For amateurs of acute feeling, and for those who seek new impressions or just want to rest, I suggest "Beshenka" Extreme tour I don't know. Sporting Bachelor is a tour that checks both physical and mental endurance. Sports Bachelors know that the impressions and emotions from unusual adventures, as well as adrenalines, which make the heart fight more often, are the best of what a man can give himself.

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