Dagestan Mountains

Six reasons to go to Dagestan
За неделю в горах я видел

Дагестан - страна горAs many of our satellites have come here, “Daguestan is Russia or not?” is so unique and unusual for the inhabitants of the rest of Russia. Dagestan is now one of the most interesting regions of the Caucasus! So, six reasons to go to Dagestan...

Mountain country. And not just...

Dagestan is translated from the Turkic languages as " mountain country " . And that's a very correct name! The mountains of Dagestan are the thundering of ridges at altitudes of 2 to 400 metres, glaciers, large valleys... Despite the dense settlement, you might lose here.Окраина аула Кубачи. В ущелье туман. Фото: Николай Рыков. Dagestan is more like the Mid-Asian or Tibet mountain systems than the Caucasus. The landscapes in different parts of Mount Dagestan are very diverse, just a paradise for a photographer.
And around the mountains, nature created islands of exotic natural zones: lean forest in the mouth!Дагестан - этнографический заповедник They're almost constant for more than 500 km!

Auls over clouds

Dagestan has the highest mountains in Europe, populated by people. The auls remind me of that orli nest, the goats clinging to rocks. One such village, Kurush, is above 2,500 m above sea level.
Dagestan High Auls are isolated worlds protected by mountains.Crafts of Dagestan Sometimes, when you get on the porch this morning, you find that the house passes over the clouds. Progress, politics, the Internet, everything is far below.

Ethnic Reserve

Dagestan is the living preserve of the Caucasus. They still wear national clothes, prefer the national kitchen and, more importantly, live according to ancient Adamas and Islamic norms.Дагестанское гостеприимство A lot of people follow the Sufia taricats, because Dagestan is one of the world's soufism centres!
But the Daegastan mountains are really alive. There are useless and adapting modern technologies to their needs.
Okay, urbech keeps on stone germs, but now they're driving the electric motor. Women continue to follow water with elder copper pitches if they walk around. But if the water is to go down to the deep valley, the husbands have a powerful electro pump.

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