Going To The Mountains In The Summer

We're packing our suitcases, and we're taking them to the sea and to the mountains
зимний поход Карпаты

Summer is a long-lived vacation time and holidays when you can fully enjoy the journey and get a lot of good impressions.

There are many recreational options - some prefer comfortable five-star hotels on the sea shore, while others attract more active recreation and acute impressions.

On our way, we're all scrutinizing the route, studying the information on the Internet in search of answers to the questions we're interested in, and collecting the suitcases, trying to figure out what might be needed on vacation.

As part of the More vs Gora project, HB Style It is proposed that the recommendations of the experts should be consulted, as well as useful information that will help to obtain maximum positive emotions from the forthcoming journey. The councils are intended for those who are going on vacation at sea and those who are planning to travel to the mountains.

What to take with you the mountains in summer

In walking, people complain about a heavy backpack more often than a lack of stuff, they say experienced travellers, recalling that, in addition to things, products, bedrooms and tents will need to be delivered.

The list must-have items for walking include, first of all, a bedroom, a backpack, a tourist rug, a carpet, a rainbow, track sticks, comfortable sneakers, winds, sports pants, sweater, head cleaner, and a shirt and socks.

It is equally important to bring a plastic bottle, a flashlight, a spoon and a circle, mosquito and mites, a mini-pack, personal hygiene items, toilet paper and sun cream.

Council 1. The optimum man's backpack is about 80 litres. The woman's backpack should be about 60 litres.

Council 2. There's no need to ignore the caret, because its main purpose is the thermal insulation of the body and the cold from the ground.

Council 3. We need two pairs of shoes to go on. Core shoes should be a couple of tourist shoes or track shoes, and the spare pair may be ordinary sneakers or ceds.

Council 4. I'd like to take about five pairs of socks. Preferably thermonos. It is also recommended that a separate pair of warm sleep socks be taken.

Council 5. Don't take a jean or a trouser. The pants should be sports or tourists, light and fast. You can also take shorts.

Council 6. It is recommended that a few T-shirts, as well as a golf or a shirt with long sleeves that can protect the skin from sunlight and wind.

Council 7. Even in summer holidays, it's quite cool, so you're gonna take a sweater with you and you're better off with a flicker.

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