There's A Mountain Going Down

What's the mountains in their sleep, the interpretation of the days of the week
Восхождение на гору Ялангас

What's the mountain going on?

The mountains - the blue ones - the alarms; the forest - the infidelity; the success if you're at the top; the mountains are difficult to see; and the fall - failure.

Family dream

Mountain means an obstacle. The case you may have long and carefully planned will remain untapped for you. It's better to leave a senseless attempt to conquer her and do something else. If the top you're dreaming is covered with a snow cap, you need to get together and do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. If there's no snow on the top of the snow, it's better not to torture and leave sterile attempts. If you sleep on the mountain, it means that the target is close and your efforts will soon be rewarded by the stalker. If you see yourself at the top of the mountain, fate will soon make a cool turn (unknown, best or worse) and your life will change dramatically.

The mountains to what they're doing are to catch up with the mountains. To fall in the mountains and see your blood, to come to an impasse in solving production problems. Finding a precious stone in the mountains is getting an unexpected business offer. To break up with the admiration, to fail in business. Going to the mountain river to see the challenge again.

E. Zvetkova Sonnik

The mountains that mean

The mountains - the blue ones - the alarms; the forest - the infidelity; the success if you come in; the difficulty; the failure to come down; the rise to the mountain for the sick - recovery (long tear - very heavy disease) so the sleeper interprets the dream.

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