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This is where we publish reports on the hikes of our participants.

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Theg: Iceland Travel report 2016


You know what Iceland is? Not exactly what you thought.

It's a country where people continue to eat shark meat, although they have long access to normal food. You can watch in the middle of a huge, lifeless black void, most of all the Mordor's landscape, people play frisby with joy. And on the way to camping, you can meet a man dancing in the cemetery. There's a wonderful opportunity for you to cross the river with your panties and a warm jacket (and no one gets embarrassed), to learn to shower in three minutes, to forget the gods to go to the bathroom for 500 crowns, not to be able to correctly spell the name of your camping 10 times, not to see any trees in the whole day, and to see a tree and not to know it's a tree. Personally, I saw the dusty tent. A real big vacuum cleaner. Unforgettable sight.

Отчет из похода по Сванетии

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