If you have decided on a Malamute because you wish to have a good guard dog at home, then think again.

The Malamute has absolutely no guarding instinct whatsoever. The only thing that will ward off strangers from your house is the Malamute's size and resemblance to a wolf. Whoever, despite this, approaches, will be welcomed with enthusiasm, whether in your garden, the house or the car. The people who initially raisedthese

dogs were nomadic so the dogs never developed the sense of guarding territory or property. In the hard life conditions of the north, any stranger was only too welcome.
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The Alaskan Malamute was first bred by the
Mahlemiut people. They lived in Alaska on the
huge Kotzbue Sound region between the
Rivers Kobuk and Noatak. This was originally
a part of the Russian Empire but was sold to
the United States of America in 1867 for
$7 200 000. The Mahlemiut people were highly
respected for their bravery and fishing skills.
They were tall with soft faces and they treated
their dogs somewhat better than other people
did. Their dogs were bigger and stronger than
other Nordic dogs and were very similar to the
Artic Wolf. It is cited in historical sources that
from 1870 to 1880 reindeer - caribou, for unclear reasons, changed their migration route.
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